Entries Eligibility

  •  Entries must be completed and submitted by 30th September 2020 via our website only (No email submissions)

  •  You can enter in more than one category as long as the applications are tailored specifically to show evidence of their relevance to each

  •  The length of the entry information is limited (see max word count on the entry form or file size limits)

  •  Supporting material may be uploaded via the upload facility on the entry form

  •  Please credit people

  •  If the entry is not submitted by the legal owner of the product then the submitter must have permission to submit the product on behalf of the manufacturer

  •  You may attach case studies and any relevant data or assistance to judges via the website


  • Entry fees are payable for each entry submitted into the awards and are non refundable

  • Only entries which have been paid for prior to the entry deadline will be reviewed by the judges – a link will follow when you submit your entry

Judges and scoring

  • The awards will be judged in two stages. The first stage is an online stage and entrants will be shortlisted on the basis of the quality and relevance of their application submission. If shortlisted to the second stage supporting documents will be considered and finalists with a product based entry will need to provide devices installed with their product for judges to consider during a final round.

  • The decision of the judges is final. The judges reserve the right to re-classify, re-categorise or reject any entry, for any reason.

  • Entries will only be judged on the basis of the information provided to the judges on the entry form and additional supporting material submitted

  •  Judges are requested to declare an interest and remove themselves from the process if they are asked to judge an entry that poses a conflict of interest.

  •  Judges comments and feedback will only be provided to shortlisted finalists and winners

Confidential Information

  • We will respect as confidential any financial data submitted unless given express permission to use it.

  • All entries will be stored securely on our website and Evalto Web Platform and access to these by Judges will be strictly monitored.

  •  By entering the Awards, companies are authorising the organisers to use the data and certain visual materials submitted, for the purpose of the awards presentation.