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The Digital Education Awards exist to help promote the people, products and platforms that are transforming education worldwide by harnessing technology. As an organisation, we hope to achieve this by conducting fair, trusted and professional reviews of all of our applicants, awarding the highest-achieving with recognition and accolade, and providing emerging projects with guidance on how they can meet high standards. It is through this promotion that the Digital Education Awards aims to expand and enhance the ed-tech industry, providing an opportunity for the best, regardless of location, size or current success.


We are optimistic that the harmony between digital technology - be it hardware, software or content - and education - for audiences of all ages, genders, backgrounds, abilities and ambitions - will improve the quality of life for people around the world, for generations to come.


Our core value is that technology not only increases access to education, but improves education. It can make learning more enjoyable, efficient and effortless, and promotes social mobility and reduction of poverty. Digital education is about promoting the empowerment of minds across the globe, to create the next generation of the world’s problem-solvers and thinkers.


At the Digital Education Awards, we encourage investment opportunities in the sector, and the financial gains that are available from ed-tech. Equally, we hope that our awards and certification scheme leads to other gains and outcomes in the continuously growing sector that is digital education. This includes the alleviation of poverty, increased diversity in industry, better access to education, and great strides in improving the wellbeing of people across the world.


We welcome collaboration, partnership and friendship to help us maintain and deliver on our values.

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