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Why don’t spiders go back to school?

By Sean Connick | Published: 4th September 2023

As we enter autumn 2023, most educational institutions have returned from a well-earned summer break. In this article, we answer the question that has been on the minds of many educators over the summer: 'Why don't spiders go back to school?

Some say spiders don't go back to school because they are arachnids, and their learning and behaviour are primarily instinctual. They don't have the capacity for formal education or the ability to attend schools like humans or some other animals do.

Spiders are born with certain instincts that help them survive and reproduce. They learn by trial and error and adapt to their environment based on their experiences and genetics. They don't have the complex brains and cognitive abilities that would allow them to engage in formal education or attend school.

In essence, spiders are well-equipped by nature to carry out their functions and behaviours without the need for formal education, which is quite different from how humans acquire knowledge and skills through schooling.

But we believe the answer to 'Why don't spiders go back to school?' is because they learn everything on the web.

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