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Ten Unusual Online Courses!

By Jemima Morrow | Published: 9th September 2021

At Digital Education Awards we love any kind of online learning and we were surprised to see just how unique some online courses are! We challenged the team to find the most out there, original and mystifying online courses currently offered on the internet...

Power and Responsibility: Doing Philosophy With Superheroes

This forward thinking course is a SmithsonianX and Harvard Division of Continuing Education course that uses the power of superheroes and their stories to study the core aspects of philosophy. If you've always been a Marvel fan, this one is for you.

Conspiracy Theories Diploma Course

Many people enjoy a good conspiracy theory, and this course from the Centre of Excellence dives into the theories that turned out to be true, the reasoning behind why some believe and some don't, and popular conspiracies that have been circling in recent times.


When you think about online learning you probably don't associate it with death... But this course offered by Open Yale Courses covers just that. The course focuses on morality and its ensuing issues, what it means to die and attitudes towards death. Sound depressing? Just a little bit... But at least you'll be clued up about one of life's mose fundamental concepts.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

This course is offered by the University of Edinburgh and teaches how humans can understand the behaviour of cats and dogs, allowing pet owners to better recognise their animal's wants and needs. If you want to bond with your cat or dog, this unique course may appeal to you.

Listening to Music

You might think you know how to listen to music, but according to this YouTube based course offered by Yale Courses, there is a lot to learn! The course discusses aural skill development, how music is put together and how to listen to a wide variety of music styles.

Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime

The University of Glasgow is offering this online course that covers art crimes, with smuggling, fraud, fakes and theft as a main focus! Discover the dark side of the art world with this course.

Vampirology Diploma Course

This very unique course is offered by the Centre of Excellence. It covers vampire legends and their influence on media and literature over the years. By studying this course you can find out the truth behind vampires, who they are and how it is that they exist.


Reiki is the practice of using universal energy to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. It covers chakras, psychic surgery and techniques to access your intuition. This course offered by Udemy teaches Reiki levels 1, 2 and Master Level to become a certified practitioner!

Communicate With Your Animal Telepathically

Wouldn't it make life easier if we could talk to animals, find out exactly what they're thinking... Well with this course from Udemy you now can, but telepathically! The course teaches about how animals can understand our non-verbal behaviour, and consequently how we can understand theirs.

Chinese Opera Singing and Movements

This course is run by the London Chinese Opera Studio and uses one to one online classes to teach Jingju and Kunqu opera lessons! If you want to discover your voice, this

unique course might suit you!

To conclude, we want to share the courses/lessons that the Digital Education Awards team are currently learning!

  • Leanne is studying for an Art History Diploma

  • Aga has been taking sewing lessons as well as Spanish classes

  • Aleks is learning German online with a native speaker

  • Przemek is undertaking drumming lessons

  • Jemima is using online tutorials to do home renovations

  • Ravi is studying with Oxford University Continuing Education Online with how to look at modern art

  • Hermione is a new Mum who is learning the most challenging lesson of all, motherhood!


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