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Final Days to Apply!

By Sean Connick | Published: 13th November 2023

We are now approaching the final days to enter Digital Education Awards 2023 before the application deadline. It is of critical importance that if you are planning to enter, do so now! Otherwise, you will miss out on the chance to highlight your organization's impact on Digital Education to a worldwide audience!

If you have already submitted an application, we would strongly suggest, in no uncertain terms, to review your application to give it the best possible chance of success. If you are still in the process of completing your application and need assistance, please contact us, and we will provide any required help!

There are many benefits for your organization to apply to the Digital Education Awards 2023. These can range from bringing attention to your organization from a global audience, which can lead to new clients and new opportunities. Winning a Digital Education Award can also be a key tool in keeping staff, students, and stakeholders motivated, as becoming a winner means your application has been reviewed by our independent panel of expert judges and found to be exceptional, marking it as a true global leader in your chosen field.

Please review this essential step-by-step guide on how to apply.

If you are looking for advice on what makes a successful application, check out this useful guide.

For further convincing about the benefits of applying, check out this informative article.

To sum up, there has been no better time to enter the Digital Education Awards. Stand out, and apply now!

Enter now before the deadline!

Why not reacquaint yourself with our 2022 Digital Education Awards alumni?


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