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Digital Teacher

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

By Sean Connick | Published: 14th August 2023

As the end of the summer holiday draws near, educators are gearing ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that the new term brings. We want to shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of educators who have harnessed the power of digital technology to transform the educational landscape.

The Digital Education Awards, an esteemed platform dedicated to honouring excellence in digital education, is on a quest to identify and celebrate exceptional teachers who have gone above and beyond to ensure their students receive the best possible access to education. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and impactful teaching, the awards are a testament to the educators who are shaping the future of learning.

In particular, the Digital Teacher Award category stands as a tribute to the trailblazers of education who have leveraged digital aids to bring subjects to life in engaging and imaginative ways.

This is where you, our valued community of educators, parents, and education enthusiasts, come into play. The Digital Education Awards invite you to nominate these deserving educators who have made a lasting impact on the lives of their students. Your nominations hold the power to provide the much-needed recognition and acknowledgement that these exceptional individuals truly deserve.

The act of nominating is a celebration of their tireless efforts and a call to recognize the transformative role that education plays in shaping the future. Each nomination is a testament to the dedication and commitment of educators who are shaping the minds of tomorrow.

The clock is ticking for submissions to the 2023 Digital Education Awards. Don't miss out—act now to give your application the leading edge!


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