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Counting Down to 2023 Digital Education Awards!

By Sean Connick | Published: 19th October 2023

With less than 4 weeks to go before the final submission deadline of the 17th of November, we thought it would be good to go over the upcoming key dates of this year's awards.

Applications close on the 17th of November. All applications must be completed and submitted by this date; otherwise, we are unable to consider them, and you will miss out!

Judging by our amazing international panel will be completed by the 1st of December.

The winners will be announced on a pre-recorded ceremony on the 15th of December. The ceremony will be something unique and imaginative. Last year, we delved into the world of VR and augmented reality. Make sure you are subscribed to our social media!

The winners of each category will be invited to participate in an interview about their incredible work and what winning the Digital Education Awards means to them.

Check out this interview with our amazing 2022 Gold Award winner Thrive Approach

Check out this interview with our incredible New Digital Course Award winner 2022 Logiscool.

Entering the Digital Education Awards is an opportunity to celebrate your organization's achievements and gain global recognition. Winning or being a finalist boosts credibility, sets you apart in the competitive education sector, and showcases your commitment to excellence and innovation. Additionally, it inspires others and motivates your team. The awards' judging process provides valuable feedback for improvement, and winning an award serves as a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients, partners, and investors.

Explore these informative guides on the application process and the key elements for a winning submission.

Don't delay, submit your application today!


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