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Benefits of applying now

By Sean Connick | Published: 31st October 2023

With just two weeks before the application deadline of the 17th of November 2023, now is the perfect time to submit your application. In this article, we will go over some key reasons why you should apply with time in hand.

With time swiftly running out, it is key that you give yourself the best possible chance and apply with time in hand. By applying now, you give yourself the chance to review your submission and make changes to improve your chances.

Having extra time allows you to review your submission carefully and seek feedback from colleagues or mentors. This ensures that your entry is well-polished.

With additional time, you can accumulate and include relevant supporting information such as reports, articles, or peer-reviewed content. This enriches your application and makes it more compelling.

Taking your time provides an opportunity to thoroughly consider all aspects of your entry, including innovative ideas or approaches that you may have initially overlooked.

Avoid the stress of a quick turnaround. Submitting well in advance of the deadline means you can make changes without feeling rushed, which can lead to a more confident and well-thought-out submission.

A well-prepared entry stands a better chance of winning awards or gaining recognition, so giving yourself ample time can make your submission more competitive.

Submitting your application well in advance not only reduces the stress associated with tight deadlines but also offers you the opportunity to enhance your submission's quality, relevance, and competitiveness. It's the strategic approach that can make your entry stand out and increase your chances of success in the Digital Education Awards.

The application deadline for submitting and completing your application is the 17th of November 2023

Don't delay, submit your application today!


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