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8 days to go!

By Sean Connick | Published: 9th November 2023

With just 8 days to go before the deadline, or 192 hours, or 11,520 minutes, time is quickly running out! If you wish to enter this year's awards, it is critical to do so now!

For those who have applied, this is your final chance to complete and submit your application before the deadline; otherwise, you will miss out on being a part of this year's awards. If you are experiencing any issues with your application, please contact Sean at

There are a multitude of benefits to entering the Digital Education Awards, from placing yourself above the competition to improving opportunities for gaining new business and partnerships.

It is also an important morale boost to your organization, employees, and stakeholders, as it gives your organization international recognition as a world leader in the field of digital education. This provides you with a respected credential to stand out from the rest, especially in these economically challenging times.

If you need help applying, check out this helpful guide or contact Sean at with any questions.

If you are looking for advice on what makes a successful application, check out this useful guide.

To sum up, there has been no better time to enter the Digital Education Awards. Stand out, and apply now!

Application Deadline - 17th November


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