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Community Writing Guidelines

We are very excited to launch a community writing scheme for our magazine, which will involve members of our extended community submitting their own articles on areas within digital education that interest them.

We will not be charging for articles, and we will not be paying for articles either - they will be entirely free. Articles will, however, be fully credited, and we will include links to your website and social media at the end of the article. We will also share articles with our large edtech community on our monthly newsletter and on social media.

Articles should:

- be roughly between 200-600 words

- be relevant to digital education (see below for some ideas of themes)

- be published in English (though we can arrange translation if you want to write in other languages)

-  use appropriate for all audiences (no profane language or themes)

- include a suggested headline (we reserve the right to switch this)

You may wish to attach suggested images with your entry as well - we may switch this for a different image, or we may add an image of our choice.

We maintain editorial rights on all articles - we will consult with you on any major changes, but maintain the right to edit the article, or not publish it at all. 

You can also publish your article wherever you wish! 

Please email all submissions to our chair, Ravi:

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