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2 Days Left!

By Sean Connick | Published: 29th November 2023

With only two days remaining until the December 1st deadline, it's crucial to act swiftly if you intend to participate in the Digital Education Awards 2023, leaving a narrow time frame to showcase your organisation's impact on digital education to a global audience.

For those who have already submitted an application, we strongly recommend a thorough review to maximise your chances of success.

If you're still in the process of completing your application and require assistance, please reach out to us at, and we'll provide the necessary support.

Participating in the Digital Education Awards 2023 offers numerous benefits for your organization. Beyond gaining global exposure that can attract new clients and opportunities, winning an award serves as a powerful motivator for staff, students, and stakeholders. Achieving this recognition indicates that your application has undergone a rigorous evaluation by our independent panel of expert judges, establishing your organisation as a true global leader in the chosen field.

Enter now!


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