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2022 Judging Information

Introduction from Chair

Technology is changing the way we learn across the world. At the Digital Education Awards we want to recognise and support quality businesses driving quality education and lifelong learning. We need your help and expertise by being part of our judging panel.


We really appreciate the participation of professionals in the judging process and hope that the experience brings them value. This is achieved through enhanced reputation, networking, market understanding and much more. 


We are seeking independent and relevant people to review applications in our categories and score them remotely. Previous judges have enjoyed the experience and found our paperless systems easily to use. In deciding the final composition of the judging panel we will take into account industry expertise, geographic location and try our best to build a diverse, inclusive and truly representative group of brilliant people.


I do hope that your experience with us is enjoyable and helps you.

Ravi Ruparel


Our 2022 Programme

In 2022, we are planning to expand our awards programmes to new heights, which allows us to recognise even more incredible products, organisations, and people, who are driving digital education globally. This year, we have 14 categories, which celebrate a variety of people, platforms, and services in various areas. 

Awards are now open, and they will close at the end of October. Judges will then have two weeks to review the entries, and submit their judging. Our livestream ceremony will then take place on the 15th November, where we will share the judge's choices. 

We hope that you consider helping us to recognise the best in digital education, by getting involved in our 2021 programme as a judge. To have a look at our 2021 awards, to get a taste of the programme, please click below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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